FlightSafety Services won a $13.9 million contract modification, which exercises an option to provide aircrew training services in support of the TH-57B/C community, including instruction, operation, and curriculum support. The TH-57 Sea Ranger is a derivative of the commercial Bell Jet Ranger 206. Although primarily used for training, these aircraft are also used for photo, chase and utility missions. The JetRanger was initially designed to compete in a US Army light observation helicopter competition. Bell lost that competition but the 206 was commercially successful. The TH-57 Sea Ranger provides advanced instrument flight rules (IFR) training to several hundred aviation students a year at Naval Air Station Whiting Field in Milton, Florida. TH-57 sundown will begin in fiscal 2022, and concludes in the fiscal 2024 timeframe. It’s replacement is the TH-73A. Work will take place in Florida. Estimated completion date is in October 2021.

The crash of an F-35A at Florida’s Eglin Air Force base in May was caused by the pilot trying to land at an excessive speed, and a flight control logic glitch that left its tail unresponsive, according to a new report. According to the report the pilot was also fatigued, causing “cognitive degradation” and was distracted at a critical point in the flight and lacked key understanding of the flight-control logic. The pilot was safely ejected from the aircraft as it landed on the base and did not sustain serious injuries.

Middle East & Africa

The expeditionary sea base ship USS Hershel “Woody” Williams, recently homeported in Greece, conducted exercises with the Nigerian navy as part of its first deployment, the US Navy said. The 784-foot long USS Hershel “Woody” Williams performed maneuvering exercises with the Nigerian frigate NNS Okpabana and three other vessels in the Gulf of Guinea, at the equator off the West African coast, according to the Navy. The ships simulated interceptions and boardings, and worked with Nigeria’s Maritime Operations Center in Lagos. The U.S. ship, which typically carries helicopters, also demonstrated the use of a UAV in exercises which concluded on Oct. 3.


Ukraine is to sign a memorandum with the UK to secure $1.62 billion in funding to build new military vessels for the Ukrainian Navy, the first two ships will be constructed in the UK and the remaining 6 vessels will be built in Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was reported by local media as saying that the memorandum would be signed his state visit to the UK this week. “This is an important strategic document … we will sign this memorandum for the amount of 1.25 billion pounds“, Zelenskiy said. It has also been reported that the funds would be in the form of a 10-year loan.


Saab Australia signed contracts worth up to $20 million to provide the Royal Australian Navy with the latest generation anti-submarine warfare (ASW) training system – the AUV62-AT – and five years’ in-service support. As prime contractor for the project, Saab Australia will deliver the system in 2022 and work with Australian industry, including Newcastle based BlueZone Group, to provide ongoing in-service operational and maintenance support through to 2027.

The Indian government’s Press Information Bureau that the country has successfully flight-tested a land-attack version of the Brahmos supersonic cruise missile featuring an indigenously made airframe section and booster. The achievement is a major milestone in the country’s efforts to increase the content of locally made components in defence equipment used by the Indian military. The PIB noted that the missile was launched from the Integrated Test Range in Balasore in the eastern state of Odisha, reaching a cruising speed of Mach 2.8. The test missile also featured “many other ‘Made in India’ sub-systems”, which are expected to eventually enter production to meet the government’s long-standing goal of enhancing defense equipment self-reliance as opposed to foreign imports.

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