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The South Korean military ‘safely’ took into custody a North Korean man after he allegedly crossed into its borders.

The man was spotted by surveillance equipment on the eastern section of the land border. The military soon launched a search operation and the man was captured about 10 hours after he crossed the border in the Goseong county late Tuesday.

“Our military safely captured the man at around 9:50 a.m. In coordination with related authorities, we will carry out investigation into the man, including how he crossed the border and if he has the intention to defect to the South. No unusual moves by the North Korean military have been detected,” the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said in a statement.


For the search operations, troops were placed on the ‘Jindogae’ alert, which is issued to cope with a possible intrusion of armed guerrillas from North Korea. It would be lifted after analyzing the situation in front-line areas further.

In September, Seoul accused North’s troops of killing a civilian trying to defect to the communist state. In a formal notice sent to the South, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un said he feels ‘very sorry’ for ‘greatly disappointing’ President Moon Jae-in and other South Koreans with the occurrence of the ‘unsavory’ case.

Over 30,000 North Koreans have reportedly fled to South Korea since the Korean War for political and economic reasons. But instances of South Koreans wanting to go to Pyongyang are unusual, reports said.

A North Korean defector slipped back to North Korea this July, prompting the country to impose a lockdown of a border city and declare a state of emergency over coronavirus concerns.