Russia wants to complete development of its S-500 air defense system, capable of destroying satellites and hypersonic missiles in low orbit space, next year.

“It should be noted that the work on developing the S-500 mobile air defense and anti-ballistic missile system is scheduled to be completed in 2021,” Aerospace Force Deputy Commander-in-Chief Lieutenant-General Andrei Yudin was quoted as saying by Defense Ministry’s Krasnaya Zvezda news agency.

During the Army-2020 Forum, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov revealed that the S-500 was already undergoing state trials and work was underway to purchase parts for its serial production.

The S-500 ‘Triumfator-Mor Prometheus’ is dubbed as Space Defense System (SDS) for its ability to destroy targets in low orbit space besides hypersonic missiles, medium-range ballistic missiles and ICBMs. It is developed by Almaz-Antey Corporation which also manufactures S-400 and S-300 air defense systems (ADS).

In previous tests, the S-500 system is said to have hit target missiles from a range of 480 km, the longest range strike by any ADS. The system’s claimed range is 600 km. According to unofficial information, the S-500s will have a response time of about 3-4 seconds, less than half of S-400’s 9-10 seconds.

The main missile with the S-500 is the 40N6 missile a 30-feet long, two-stage solid fuel missile capable of reaching speeds of 9 Mach having a blast-fragmentation warhead with a range of 310 miles and 95-percent accuracy. The Prometheus will use 2 new types of missile, the 77N6-N and 77N6-N1, the first-ever Russian missiles with inert warheads, capable of destroying nuclear warheads by force of impact. The missiles will strike ballistic missiles at a height of 185 km considerably minimising the impact of their debris.

S-500 system is expected to use the 91N6A(M) battle management radar and 96L6-TsP target acquisition radar besides new 76T6 multimode engagement radars. The other components will be the launch vehicle and command posts.