C-Guard RJ Vehicular Counter-IED Systems fitted on Spanish Army vehicles.

Netline Communications Technologies has completed delivery of 51 C-Guard RJ Vehicular Counter-IED Systems to the Spanish Ministry of Defense (MoD).

In a statement Monday, the company said it completed testing and evaluation of the system on 12 types of Spanish MoD vehicles. The project is part of a €65 million framework contract awarded to the company in August 2019, under which Netline is scheduled to deliver C-Guard RJ vehicular jamming systems.

Designed to be mounted on vehicles, Netline’s C-Guard RJ is a flexible and resilient radio controlled (RC) counter-IED reactive jamming system. Providing reactive coverage to counter an extensive range of threats, the system constantly scans the spectrum and responds to any detected transmissions by focusing the jamming signal and power to defeat the threat.

The system has been designed to provide military forces engaged in operational activity with easy and efficient system operation and simple replacement of new modules, which can be carried out by the operating teams (O-level) with nearly zero downtime.

“Despite its complexity, we have carried out the process of testing and evaluating the 12 prototype installations and achieved acceptance of the first serial production batch, in accordance with the agreed schedule,” says Yallon Bahat, CEO of Netline.