Serdar Anti-Tank Missile Launching System

Turkey’s ASELSAN has won a $38 million contract for Serdar Anti-Tank Missile Launching System and That Gunshot Detection System.

On December 31, the company notified Public Disclosure Platform (known by its Turkish acronym KAP) regarding the deal. “Between ASELSAN and an international customer; For the export of command and control system, anti-tank missile launch systems, inertial navigation systems and firing point detection systems, an international sales contract with a total value of $ 38,266,780 was signed,” ASELSAN’s statement to KAP said.

The international customer is likely to be Qatar, which placed an order for additional armored vehicles built by Barzan Holdings this August. Barzan holdings in turn signed a contract with Nurol Makina, a subsidiary of Nurol Holdings.

ASELSAN Bags Firing Point Detection, Anti-tank System Export Order; Likely customer is Qatar

Seda Gunshot Detection System

Doha has previously bought 100 NMS (Yörük) 4 × 4 and 400 Ejder Yalçın 4X4 vehicles, both of which are produced by Norul Makina. The former is larger and can accommodate nine personnel. It supports a wider range of roles such as air defense, reconnaissance, command & control, mine clearance, and tactical missile launching. NMS lacks mine clearance capabilities of the Ejder and can only transport only up to seven personnel in its V-shaped single-hull body, making it better suited for escort missions and as a support for convoys.

The newly ordered ASELSAN systems are fitted onto Norul Makina vehicles. Handing over of the first batch of vehicles ordered this year will take place in 2021, coinciding with the expected delivery of the ASELSAN systems. Qatari military will get its second batch of vehicles in 2022.