The French Army has placed an order for 364 Serval armored vehicles of which it will receive 108 of them next year.

On Friday, the Direction générale de l’armement (DGA) a contract for the vehicles was finalized on December 23 under SCORPION program following tests. Serval vehicles will complement the Army’s 24-ton Griffons and will replace 40-year-old Véhicule de l’avant blindé (VAB) vehicles.

The light-armored, four-wheel drive, 15-ton Servals are built by Nexter and Texelis. The first 12 production vehicles will be delivered in the first half of 2022, followed by a further 96 in the later half.

The Army is expected to have a total of 978 Servals by 2030. Three main versions of the Serval — patrol; intelligence and reconnaissance; and communications — will each have their own variants. Designed to operate in combat zones, the Serval combines flexibility, strategic mobility and payload-carrying capacity.

Servals, Griffons and Jaguars will be linked via a new communications and battlefield management system, the SCORPION Combat Information System.