Russia’s state-run Rostec has chosen Aero India-2021 show as the first international event to display its K-16 and K-17 Boomerang armored personnel vehicles (APC).

Boomerang 8×8 VPK 7829 combat vehicle was developed by Russia’s VPK company in two configurations: 25-ton K17 Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV) and 22-ton amphibious APC designated K-16. Intended to replace heeled combat vehicles such as the BTR80, Boomerang represents a new approach in all aspects – a new chassis, more ground clearance, and significantly higher vehicle, new armor, and new armament.

Boomerang has an operating range of 800 km. It is powered by a new, 750 HP digitally controlled diesel engine developed by the Yaroslavl Engine Plant. It is coupled to an automatic transmission. It has a road speed of 100 km/h and 50 km/h offroad. On amphibious operation, the Boomerang can swim at a speed of 10 km/h.

Each vehicle is manned by a crew of three – a commander, gunner, and driver. It can carry eight troops with their combat loads.

Unlike the side access doors used on the BTR 80, the Boomerang uses a rear access ramp, similar to western and BMP-type Russian APCs. Access hatches are also available on the top. Both versions use passive protection comprising a combination of steel and composite/ceramic armor. Laser detectors and instant multi-spectral smoke dischargers offer a form of ‘soft’ active protection, enabling the vehicle to maneuver under the smoke cover to avoid the hit. Multiple video cameras are mounted around the vehicle providing a 360-degree vision for the crew.

The K-16 APC is armed with a combat module with a large-caliber (12.7-mm) machine gun while K-17 BMP is equipped with an Epoch combat module equipped with a 30-mm autocannon and a coaxial rifle (7.62-mm) machine gun as well as “Kornet” anti-tank missiles. The K-17 can also be equipped with the Afganit hard Kill countermeasures that utilizes radars to detect the threat, and launches blast-fragmenting countermeasures to intercept anti-tank missiles, anti-tank projectiles (including kinetic) and rockets at ranges of 4-200 meters from the vehicle.