General Electric Aviation won a $21.1 million contract modification, which procures 4 T408-GE-400 turboshaft spare engines and various spare engine parts in support of CH-53K Lot 5 low rate initial production aircraft. The CH-53K is the United States Marine Corps’ (USMC) heavy lift replacement for the CH-53E. The most powerful helicopter in the Department of Defense, the CH-53K is a new-build helicopter that will expand the fleet’s ability to move more material, more rapidly throughout the area of responsibility using proven and mature technologies. The T-408 engines are more powerful and more fuel efficient than the T-64 engines currently outfitted on the CH-53E. GE Aviation says the T408 turboshaft engine offers cutting edge technology and the latest design innovations for maximum power at minimum cost. Work will take place in Massachusetts. Estimated completion will be in December 2024.

According to Oshkosh Defense, the company just recently recently produced its 10,000th Joint Light Tactical Vehicle -more than half it’s orders for the vehicle. Oshkosh officials pointed to the JLTV becoming a central piece of the US military’s ground force, as both the Army and Military Corps plan to adopt the vehicle, as making the milestone significant. Oshkosh Defense has received orders for 18,126 JLTVs for a total contract value of more than $6 billion. “Producing the 10,000th JLTV in under five years is further evidence of our ability to meet the demands of our domestic and international customers,” George Mansfield, vice president and general manager of joint programs for Oshkosh Defense, said in a press release.

Middle East & Africa

Vectrus Systems won an $18.3 million contract modification to provide all personnel, equipment, supplies, transportation, tools, materials, supervision and other items and non-personal services necessary for food services at the Area Support Group-Kuwait dining facility. Area Support Group – Kuwait implements the Defense Cooperation Agreement on behalf of US Army Central with the Kuwait Ministry of Defense, operates as the Base Operations Support Integrator and Security Coordinator for Kuwait, Command and Controls US Army Camps and Security Forces, and provides support for Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration of forces to facilitate theater operations. Work will take place in Kuwait City, Kuwait. Estimated completion date is February 10, 2022.


BAE Systems has been selected to supply 12 Bofors 40 Mk4 naval guns to the Belgian and Dutch navies as part of the Mine Counter Measures Vessels (rMCM) program, the company announced in a press release. The Bofors 40 Mk4 is a flexible, highly versatile gun system designed to react quickly in coastal environments. Lightweight and compact, the naval gun system combines long range and a high rate of fire, giving the mine hunting vessels a greater level of defense against surface, air, and shore-based threats.


South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) has given an update to the press on the status of the joint development of the KF-X fighter with Indonesia. Kang Eun-ho, chief of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, told the reporters that both parties are “sounding out each other’s position” and South Korea “will elaborate in detail when the time is right.” Indonesia has failed to pay $584 million in development fees for the KF-X project.

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) will reactivate the No. 100 Squadron as the Air Force Heritage Squadron to mark its 100th anniversary. The squadron will fly warbirds such as Spitfire, Mustang and Sabre from Point Cook, Victoria, and Temora, New South Wales. The minister for Defense Personnel Darren Chester said 100 Squadron had a proud history and after a 75-year absence it was fitting that RAAF reactivates it in the same year as it commemorates its first 100 years.

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