Family-oriented entertainment is getting harder and harder to find on television these days. Even with 500 channels and a multitude of streaming services, finding quality entertainment everyone can watch can be difficult.

But a new show soon to stream on Newsmax wants to provide just that — while raising money for good causes.

Stu Newmeyer and Laurie Stillman are a husband-and-wife comedy duo who have been performing in exclusive casino shows, nightclubs and special events for more than 20 years. Now, they’re bringing their act, “The Stu and Laurie Variety Hour,” to Newsmax TV — with a special emphasis on veterans issues.

“I think it’s important to thank the people who keep us and our country safe, and make it possible to do what we do,” says Newmeyer. “The best way to thank them is by supporting them in a real, effective way through what we do. For us, that’s family entertainment.”

“The Stu and Laurie Variety Hour” is a show in the vein of “The Carol Burnett Show,” “The Dean Martin Show” and “The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour.” It brings together musical acts, sketches and other performances in a commercial-free format that allows veteran-owned businesses and charities to promote their causes during the show.

Stu Newmeyer and Laurie Stillman have been performing for more than 20 years. (Courtesy of Stu Newmeyer)

Aside from in-show segments featuring veteran causes and businesses, the show’s sponsor, the VTN Commerce Club, also provides a way for people to purchase directly from veteran-owned businesses, while giving money to a cause.

Shoppers can sign up for the VTN Commerce Club’s online store for a $15 monthly fee, a portion of which goes directly to the veterans the shopper wants to support. Once a member, shoppers can purchase directly from the veteran merchants featured on the show.

Merchants will also have to pay a small fee to sell on the website, a portion of which will support veteran nonprofits. VTN does not take a percentage or other revenues from the veteran merchants.

“We will have contests and promotions to compel buyers to buy from veteran-owned businesses, to hire veterans and to offer discounts to veterans,” says Newmeyer. “We also want to drive traffic to their own websites.”

(Courtesy of Scars and Stripes)

One of the show’s first small business partners is Scars & Stripes Coffee, which is not only a seller of coffee products, but also a franchise that seeks to help veterans open their own Scars & Stripes Coffee location. The company provides business training and life coaching for transitioning service members and their families while helping them find a sense of belonging in the military-veteran community.

Newsmax saw a surge in new subscribers in recent months, the network says, making it the fourth-largest cable news network in the United States. For veteran-owned businesses appearing on “The Stu and Laurie Variety Hour,” it could mean an entirely new market.

“We want to give any veteran-owned small business a platform on the show, so their business and their product can get in front of potentially millions of people,” Newmeyer says. “We want to give them a chance to compete with the big boys, and this audience is a good way to do that.”

Learn more about the “Stu and Laurie Variety Hour,” how to partner with the VTN Commerce Club or the businesses that signed on to participate by visiting the website.

“The Stu and Laurie Variety Hour” will air Sundays on Newsmax TV. The fourth show of every month will be a two-hour telethon to raise donations for veteran causes.

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