CAE USA-Mission Solutions won a $10.8 million contract modification for the F-15E, F-16 and F-22A contract aircrew training and courseware development contract. The modification is for exercising Option Year Four. The Boeing F-15E dual-role fighter is an advanced long-range interdiction fighter and tactical aircraft. The F-15E is the latest version of the Eagle, a Mach 2.5-class twin-engine fighter. The F-16, the mainstay of the Air Force aerial combat fleet, has been adapted to complete a number of missions, including air-to-air fighting, ground attack and electronic warfare. The F-22A Raptor is an advanced tactical fighter aircraft. Work will be performed at Joint Base (JB) Langley-Eustis, Virginia; Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina; Shaw AFB, South Carolina; Tyndall AFB, Florida; Nellis AFB, Nevada; Hill AFB, Utah; and Mountain Home AFB, Idaho, and is expected to be completed March 31, 2022.

Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin Joint Venture won a $18.6 million contract modification for support services for the Javelin Weapon System. Javelin is a versatile, man-portable, fire-and-forget weapon system. It is an anti-tank guided munition. According to Raytheon, the weapon can be deployed from multiple platforms and used during the day, at night and in any kind of weather. The program has also demonstrated that Javelin can be fired from a remote launcher mounted on an unmanned ground vehicle. Work will take place in Arizona. Estimated completion date is February 28, 2022.

Middle East & Africa

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. has completed the development of the ground-based Air Defense version of the I-Derby ER (Extended Range) air-to-air missile last month. Rafael’s I-Derby ER missile is a an over 100 km long-range air-to-air missile with a dual-pulse rocket motor and an active radar seeker. Launched from the ground, the I-Derby ER missile doubles the existing missile range, and allows target interception within a range of up to 40 km without a booster, and 80 km with a booster.


B-1 bombers flew the first Bomber Task Force mission since deployment to Norway, the US Air Force said on Friday. The two bombers arrived in Norway early last week. Support aircraft and over 200 Air Force personnel arrived at Orland Air Base, where Norway’s F-35 fleet is also stationed, in the first week of February.

An RC-135W Rivet Joint aircraft from Royal Air Force 51 Squadron took part in a major US-led demonstration exercise in Europe with other European NATO Allies. RC-135W Rivet Joint is a dedicated electronic surveillance aircraft that can be employed on strategic and tactical missions. Its sensors ‘soak up’ electronic emissions from communications, radar and other systems. The aircraft is part of the RAF’s Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance Force. The Rivet Joint aircraft joined other aircraft from the US Air Force, US Navy, and The Royal Netherlands Air Force to conduct two exercise scenarios.


According to a report, Vietnam strengthened its outposts in the disputed South China Sea with improved fortifications and infrastructure. Emplacements for anti-aircraft and coastal protection programs have been constructed on reclaimed land at West Reef and Sin Cowe Island, in accordance with the report by the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative, or Amti, which is a part of the Washington-based Heart for Strategic and Worldwide Research. It reportedly made its assessments based on analysis of satellite imagery in cooperation with Simularity. According to Simularity’s website, its software “automatically analyzes geospatial imagery and data to automatically find and classify unusual changes.”

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