Japan Airlines Co. (JAL) wants to replace jet fuel with alternative fuel for all domestic flights from 2040.

The switch is part of the airlines’ plan to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050. JAL is considering tapping a government-led 2 trillion yen ($18 billion) fund designed to spur innovation to tackle environmental issues, sources were quoted as saying by Mainichi today.

Sources said JAL could include the road map in its mid-term business plan to be unveiled May 7.

The alternative energy sources under consideration are fuel derived from waste plastic as well as one made from waste oil and household garbage. JAL is already working on the development of waste plastic-derived fuel with Marubeni Corporation.

By 2030, JAL is aiming to make sure such fuels account for 10% of the airline’s energy use.

The airlines is also seeking to use hydrogen derived from renewable energy sources as fuel to fly small aircraft from 2035.