China will Display the KLJ-7A AESA radar developed for the Pakistani-Chinese JF-17 jet along with a newly-developed anti-stealth radar at the World Radar Expo 2021 to be  held in Nanjing starting Thursday.

Jointly hosted by the China Radar Industry Association, the China Electronics Technology Group Co Ltd (CETC) and the China Electronics Information Industry Group Co Ltd (CEC), the ninth World Radar Expo will also feature a newly developed mobile anti-stealth radar designed to detect low altitude, slow speed and small targets with the “longest range in the world,” Chinese media reported.

The World Radar Expo 2021 will feature the country’s cutting-edge radar technologies including multiple sets of large early warning radars, which will give the world a glimpse into China’s significant achievements in radar equipment, the reports said quoting the event organizers.

CETC has developed the new mobile anti-stealth radar as well as the KLJ-7A airborne active electronic scan array radar.

Both CETC and CEC will display multiple types of large early warning radars at the event.

The JF-17 Block III is expected to be equipped with the  KLJ-7A. The jet has aready begun prototype tests and is expected to enter batch production in a couple  of years.