Rolls-Royce won a $21.8 million contract modification, which exercises an option to provide depot repair of T56-A-427 engines utilized on E-2 Hawkeye aircraft, to include repair of the power section, torque meter, gearbox and accessories in accordance with Navy depot manuals and approved repair practices. The Hawkeye is an s an American all-weather, carrier-capable tactical airborne early warning (AEW) aircraft. Work will take place in Texas, Canada and Indiana. Expected completion date is January 2022.

The aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford completed Combat Systems Ship’s Qualifications Trials, a milestone in validating its defenses, the US Navy said. The five-phase trials began in February in the Atlantic Ocean, and followed an assortment of post-delivery tests and trials performed since the vessel’s 2017 commissioning. The CQSST, which wrapped up earlier this month, is a test of safe and effective use of the ship’s firepower and defenses, according to the Navy.

Middle East & Africa

Turkish Aerospace Industries found an export customer for its armed Hürku?-C single-engine, turboprop aircraft. This was disclosed by TAI General Manager Temel Kotil to private broadcaster CNN Türk. A total of 12 aircraft will be sold but the contract has not been signed yet.

A news release from NAVIR’s Air-to-Air Missiles Program Office (PMA-259) International Programs team disclosed that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had “finalized an agreement with the US this March to procure the F-35.” The country also requested to buy additional AIM-9X missiles for its F-35 fleet.


According to a press release from the British government says ships from the UK Carrier Strike Group will “participate in Exercise Bersama Lima to mark the 50th anniversary of the Five Powers Defence Agreement between Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.” Exercise Bersama Lima is held yearly in October each year, naval vessels usually deploy to South China Sea off Malaysia for the war game. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told lawmakers that all Royal Navy sailors will be Covid vaccinated and will have received two Covid-19 jabs by the time the group reaches the Mediterranean.


The South Korean government has given the green light to proceed with the development for an armed variant of the MUH-1 Marineon helicopter. The indigenous rotorcraft is made by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI). The MUH-1 is based on the KUH-1 Surion with modifications for the South Korean Marine Corps.

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