The Israel Navy took delivery of INH Oz corvette, the second of four Sa’ar 6 vessels being built by ThyssenKrupp and German Naval Yards.

“2,000 tons of metal, steel, deterrence & defense. Our 2nd Sa’ar 6 Class Corvette, the INS Oz, was transferred to the Israeli Navy today. Upon her arrival, the INS Oz will be installed with Israeli-made combat systems and enter operational service to secure Israel’s waters,” the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) posted on Twitter.

The first of the four corvettes, the INH Magen, was handed over the Israeli Navy in September 2020. The INH Oz will be equipped with most of its weapons and radar systems in Israel.

The corvettes are part of a €450 million deal signed in 2015. The two German companies are also building submarines for the Israeli Navy. The German government paying one third of the sum, as it is also doing with the submarines being built.

Former senior Israeli naval officers and Ministry of Defense officials are suspected of bribery and fraud in procuring submarines and corvettes from ThyssenKrupp. In December 2019, Israel’s Attorney General decided to put some of the suspects on trial after examining the evidence from the police investigation.